Our Story

It all started years ago at a cabin on the Tennessee-Kentucky border. The lake there, Dale Hollow, is one of the most beautiful and serene places in these United States. I was still Little John then, growing up with my sister under the guidance of our father and mother. My love of cooking and all things culinary were born there at that cabin. I still remember my father grilling something every night and there was no way I could stay away from that fire. I learned the basics like lighting the charcoal and getting that steak to a perfect medium rare. It was this beautiful place and those family moments that enabled me to nurture my love for all things culinary.

Eventually I went off to college at the University of Alabama. Through my college years I learned a lot. I traveled across L.A., which all of us cultured folk know to mean Lower Alabama, visiting places like New Orleans and Pensacola. Picking up many things through these travels, I eventually graduated from UA and moved on to start my life full of adventure, wonderful food and fabulous family.

Family of Lower Alabama Gourmet

The incarnation of L.A. Gourmet is the latest adventure for our family. Our barbeque sauces and other delicious fare are the culmination of years of travel, love and unique flavor. We strive to share the Gulf life with everyone because... it's the good life!

Living, Loving, Eating and Drinking the Gulf Coast Dream!


The L.A. Gourmet